Posted on 02/09/2015


Simul Software is a technology company founded in 2007 by Roderick Kennedy. Simul is based in Liverpool, UK with customers all over the world, from the USA to Europe, Asia and beyond. Simul provide high quality real-time rendering systems to the games and simulation industries.

Simul’s trueSKY™ software is the most advanced and reliable sky system available. The trueSKY SDK generates weather system data and updates it in real time. trueSKY creates volumetric cloud and atmospherics data on the GPU, and provides real-time access to that data via a lightweight API. The SDK is cross-platform and renderer-independent. Click here to see Simul’s trueSKY in action on YouTube.

Simul won the 2008 British Computer Society Research and Development project prize for their work on real-time weather rendering.

Simul’s list of clients using trueSKY include leading games developers:

Simul also provide trueSKY software to simulation customers including multinational aviation manufacturer Boeing, defence contractor Rheinmetall and flight training providers Cuesim, Diamond Visionics and FlightSafety International.
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