Posted on 14/03/2013

Poto Studios

Poto Studios specialises in photographic services, 2D art creation and production. We operate in both the business to business and business to consumer markets but believe that people are the centre of what we create. For imagery to work it needs to evoke an emotional response. Through triggering a memory with feeling, or through creating an aspirational desire, the image engages and communicates. The art is to capture an individual’s character in a still image, an isolated moment of light illuminating a naked building or the excitement of being part of something special. This is what makes the difference between art and mediocrity.

The portfolio of brands being produced from POTO Studios includes:
POTO – Photographic Services to businesses and individuals
Not Yet Discovered – Fine Art Images from new talent
Pure Artist – A high quality production and manufacturing service for 2D artists that want to stay focussed on the art

Meet The Team

Alina Tait – Director of Photography
During my early childhood my father worked as a photographer. Our bathroom had been turned into a darkroom and my father would not let me go in because of the danger of touching chemicals or disturbing him. Once I insisted so much that he finally agreed. I couldn't see too much at first, but after adjusting to the low light, I loved watching every move. The magic as an image appeared on the paper and feeling the smell of the processing solutions created a wonderous playground for me. That was my first experience in the darkroom and after that I only had ambitions to create images. I never lost this fascination and now having studied a degree in photography I am following my dream through POTO studios.

Charlie Tait – Commercial Director
After many years working in large corporations, on large scale business change and systems implementations, I am transitioning to work under POTO studios. My passion for photography also grew as a child but really developed when I started to travel. It became a way to communicate to people the wonders I had seen and a way to capture the moments in time that I had experienced. Later I worked as an aid worker in Eastern Europe and it enabled me to fund my work and raise money for the charities I served. For me photography has a twin sister as I also have a love for business. The ability to bring people together, work as a team and achieve something of value is an emersive and inspiring journey.

Our strength is in our combination and very complimentary skills. The structure from Charlie and creative mind set from Alina also leads to interesting outcomes from the productive tensions created by the logical and the emotional in the same workspace.

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The best thing about the Baltic Triangle
The people you meet here. It’s a wonderland of individuals that are aspiring to do ‘their thing’ in an innovative, meaningful and creative way. There are no prisoners here. Everybody wants to be here. The environment is also reflective of the people. The buildings are coming back to life, the streets are getting busy again and the talk is all about the potential for the future.
Alina Tait
Alina Tait: Director of Photography
Charlie Tait
Charlie Tait: Commercial Director