Posted on 08/02/2013

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We are a multi-arts provider and consultancy based on Merseyside, and a tireless advocate for the transformative powers of the arts and artistic approaches.

Our ethos founded on an understanding that people are at their most productive when their creativity is allowed to flourish. We put our advocacy into action by designing and delivering high quality, engaging arts programmes and resources expressly developed to engage people and allow them to grow through sharing ideas and experiences – and gaining new skills.

We work with primary and secondary schools, universities, local authorities, cultural organisations and community groups. We also run our own exciting after-school and holiday multi-arts clubs for children and young people, The Extraordinary World of Making Stuff!

Meet the Team

Jackson Kavanagh - Director and Performing Arts Specialist
With a background in writing and directing for theatre, my passion lies in narrative and supporting those I work with to explore their own stories and realise exciting futures. I also know some really cool drama games!
Email: [email protected]

Jo Stokes - Director and Performing Arts Specialist
Having worked as an actor in theatre and television for over ten years I love being able to put the processes I came to rely on to use in designing and delivering creative learning programmes. What drives me is the constant search for new and effective ways to bring learning to life.
Email: [email protected]

Simon McKeown - Director and Visual Artist
My facilitation skills have been developed over the past ten years in working with young people and adults in a wide variety of arts and educational programmes. As a practicing visual artist, I bring my expertise in creative processes to enable the people I work with to develop their own creativity and to communicate their ideas in interesting ways. I love making stuff, and working with others to make stuff!
Email: [email protected]

Kate Pankhurst - Director and Illustrator
I enjoy the process of experimenting with new ways to make learning tactile, fun and meaningful. As an illustrator, supporting young people to share their thoughts and opinions through narratives and unusual visual mediums is a focus of my work.
Email: [email protected]

Jenny Liggins - Business Development Manager
As a development manager working in the arts and education sectors, I am committed to increasing and developing opportunities for all children and young people to take part in high quality creative and cultural activities.
Email: [email protected]

The Best Thing About the Baltic Triangle
Since opening an office in what was the Contemporary Urban Centre in 2010, we’ve been committed to remaining in the Baltic Triangle. Why? Because it’s a hubbub of like-minded and creative people, businesses and communities. Jung was right, Liverpool is the pool of life – and the Baltic Triangle is right at the wellspring.

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Jackson Kavanagh
Jackson Kavanagh: Director and Performing Arts Specialist
Jo Stokes
Jo Stokes: Director and Performing Arts Specialist
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Animating the Planets
Map-reading with Sir Bertie Snow
Shakespeare: Mercutio's Last Breath