Posted on 06/08/2012


We are gocre8, a multidisciplinary graphic communications company. We provide professional services in design, print, display and new media to companies both locally and nationally. We also offer trade services to agencies, which has seen us handle projects for blue-chip companies such as Carlsberg, Brother, Honda and Henry Lloyd.

We started the business as two people who loved graphic design. Over the eight years we've been operating, we have diversified our services to adapt to the needs of our clients. We still do graphic design, but on a whole different level, using techniques and equipment we've heavily invested in.

Darryn Kennerley, Director
Area of Expertise: Graphic & web design and business development.
Email me: [email protected]

Paul Lin, Director
Area of Expertise: Graphic design, production and equipment management.
Email me: [email protected]

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38 New Bird Street
L1 0DN
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Darryn Kennerley
Darryn Kennerley: Director
Paul Lin
Paul Lin: Director
Hard at work
Hard at work: Darryn and Paul