Posted on 03/08/2012

Alison Appleton

My name is Alison Appleton and I have been designing ceramics and textiles for stores around the world for the past 15 years. After one buyer too many suggested I started my own range, I've finally put my name on the box!

My unique range of tea sets is inspired by British Chinoiserie during the Regency period, and also the desire to create something beautiful that can be used everyday to bring people together.

My current range is designed using porcelain and black clay (reminiscent of Wedgewood's black basalt). Tea connoisseurs will be delighted to find out that all of our teapots have an integral stainless steel filter, enabling you to use any variety of fresh loose tea, from Oolong to a traditional English Breakfast... exactly how you like it!

Meet the Team

Alison Appleton, Director
Area of Expertise: Design history, manufacture and retail...oh, and I am fast becoming a tea expert!
Email me: [email protected]

Helena Appleton, Sales and Marketing
Area of Expertise: A lifetime (so far) of exposure to ceramic design.
Email me: [email protected]

Facebook: find us here

Alison Appleton
46C Jamaica Street
L1 0AF
Alison: Director
Helena: Sales/Marketing
The Alison Appleton team in the studio
Some of Alison's fabulous work
Some of Alison's fabulous work: The Darcy Collection