Posted on 03/08/2012

Susan Comer

I'm Susan Comer and I'm an artist. I love the artistic process so I often ask questions like 'What will happen if I do this?' This has led to my work being quite eclectic - I love to collect beautiful things and use them in my sculptures.

I frequently create bespoke works for people - such as de-constructing a wedding dress to create some new and beautiful creations. As well as my own company, I also co-founded Re-View Textiles: an artist led group promoting discussion of the role of contemporary textiles.

Meet the Team

Susan Comer, Owner/Director
Area of Expertise: Looking and thinking.
Email me: [email protected]

Susan Comer
Studio H
22 Jordan Street
L1 0BP
Sue: Owner/Director
The lovely Susan Comer studio
Sue, hard at work!