Posted on 19/06/2017

LivingLens takes the video analytics industry a step forward!

LivingLens has taken the video analytics industry a step forwards with the addition of two major new capabilities; aggregate level multimedia analysis, and intelligent codeframe creation.

Major developments from LivingLens delivers exciting new modules, continuing the evolution of multimedia analytics within the LivingLens platform.

LivingLens provides the ability to search inside video & audio content. Analysing multimedia content, such as video used to be time intensive, with insight only being generated through the necessity of watching hours of content. New LivingLens technology not only provides the ability to search and navigate to exact moments of relevant multimedia content, but now also allows users to analyse that content at an aggregated level to understand important trends such as key themes and sentiment levels.

By utilising LivingLens technology, video content becomes much more practical even on the most time sensitive projects. Users can benefit from the wealth of data stored within video with limited resource investment, enabling much greater use of video as a rich data source, across qualitative, quantitative, CX, social and more.

Carl Wong, LivingLens CEO said, “We are thrilled to be building on our analytics capability within the LivingLens platform. Our goal is to transform how brands use their consumer generated multimedia content for insight generation. Our latest developments represent another step in removing the barriers for brands to use video at scale.”

The latest evolution includes intelligent theme categorisation. Cutting edge analytics automatically identifies the key themes within content and users can group themes according to their business needs. This ‘intelligent codeframe’ creation particularly supports the use of video in quantitative and CX programmes. The interactive analysis tools mean that users can visualise their multimedia content as structured data, seamlessly moving from a high-level view to individual segments of relevant video, at the click of a button. This makes it simpler than ever to generate and share insight from video content.

Wong continues, “It’s an exciting time for us. Video usage is exploding, both from a consumer and brand perspective. Technology is changing the realms of what’s possible when it comes to exploiting the wealth of rich data available within video and other multimedia, and it is great to be leading the way.”

The analytics module is available within the platform for both existing and new clients.