Posted on 14/10/2016

The Ecommerce That’s Bringing You Closer To The Best Tech On The Market is an online brand with a big vision. Launching a marketplace that sells the best in tech this peak season. JUXDIT has aggregated a collection of the most cutting edge tech products from around the world, which they will sell on a curated marketplace primarily in the UK and across selected European countries.

After launching only two years ago, the startup primarily focused within the crowdfunding industry, working with small brands, helping them to access new markets after successfully crowdfunding. However, Founder Annie realised that there was a gap in the market when it came to THE BEST TECH emerging tech and where it was sold, after her experience when working with tech startups.

Delving deeper into this problem, it became apparent that consumers experience when buying tech and electronics just wasn’t very enjoyable. With cluttered ecommerce brands selling these products amongst thousands of other household items or dated electronics, consumers were getting a pretty raw deal when it came to buying the latest tech on the market.

‘The problem is that when it comes to emerging tech, like VR headsets and the latest drones, it’s hard to find somewhere online where you can really learn about what you’re about to buy. These products are new to consumers, it’s not the same as buying an everyday household product, it’s daunting and often difficult to find what you want. We want to make buying these products enjoyable, we want our consumers to be informed and supported’ Annie O’Toole, Founder.

Launching with a curated collection of the strongest products on the market, JUXDIT’s core categories; VR, Wearables, Drones, and upcoming Digital Photography and Audio, are selected with quality and price in mind. This brand’s main focus is to ensure that consumers access the best in tech- products that ‘actually do what they say they can do’. The results? An online store that doesn’t overwhelm, but instead offers a clear solution for all consumers- an easy way to buy tech that works.

‘We have one core objective in our minds when we’re looking at new products- if we wouldn’t buy it ourselves, we don’t sell it. Our main goal is to remove the fear and confusion from shopping online for tech products, we curate our marketplace because for us making sure that our customers receive great products, is key. It’s not about having the biggest collection of drones on the market, it’s about having the most genuine collection of drones on the market. We’re here because we love emerging tech and we want it to be loved by everyone, it shouldn’t be something that is deemed as daunting. Hopefully we can help consumers to get one step closer to the innovation that surrounds them and ultimately, can make their lives smarter, that’s the dream’

JUXDIT has big plans when it comes to progression in this area, with a team that is dedicated to finding the most emerging tech on the market, especially the products that are created by smaller boutique brands. Already starting to work on the next version of their platform, JUXDIT is keen to stay ahead of the curve, with a product that is intuitive and brings a great user experience.

‘We look for the best in tech when it comes to the products we sell, we’re in our beta stages now, but we have our sights firmly fixed on ensuring that our website is the very best we can make it to be with continuous updating and testing’. is now live and is offering free shipping on all UK purchases.

You can find out more at: @JUXDIT