Posted on 29/09/2016

Damibu Wins Grant Funding to Develop New Healthcare Innovation

Creative thinkers whose healthcare innovations may soon allow us to enjoy longer, more productive lives were awarded grants of €50 000 to help them turn brilliant ideas into commercially viable businesses at the EIT Health Headstart/Proof-of-Concept Awards in Dublin on 5 September.

After 22 finalists pitched their concepts before a jury of experts, seven winners were chosen to receive in-kind support from IBM, P&G and Pfizer – as well as financial and networking support from EIT Health.

The winning innovations are:

GaitThaw: A wearable device delivers localized cues to prevent “gait freeze” a common feature of Parkinson’s disease that reduces quality of life by impairing the ability to walk spontaneously and continuously.

Optellum: This system facilitates early lung cancer diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Optellum pools the collective experience of thousands of doctors and puts it at the fingertips of any clinician.

PainSense: A combination of an app and web portal that builds on previous innovations to improve pain management.

Ally Smart Care: A non-wearable wellness tracker for seniors analyses ambient sensor data to track changes in physical and mental wellbeing.

Damibu-TeamScreen: A Cardiac Arrest Dashboard brings the team management of a cardiac arrest into the digital age by allowing for precise and speedy sharing of information among the diverse team of clinicians addressing a cardiac arrest.

ProVerum: A new therapy for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, ProVerum is a unique urethral expander that is effective, has shorter procedural times and fewer side effects for other treatments of this condition.

Kaido: Kaido’s mission is to empower a consumer-driven approach to health and wellbeing through access to personalized high-quality educational information.

The EIT Health Headstart/Proof-of-Concept Awards in Dublin was organised by the UK/Ireland Co-Location Center of EIT Health. The EIT Health Headstart/Proof-of-Concept Awards programme is an EIT Health Accelerator activity to provide “one-off” funding of up to €50 000 for emerging companies and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop new products and services for areas of interest to EIT Health and its members. The purpose of the funding is to accelerate market entry and create new economic activity. This was the first time the EIT Health Headstart/Proof-of-Concept Awards were given out in the British Isles.

The contestants vying for these awards were asked to address three challenges:

P&G Challenge – Innovation in Consumer Products: The innovations addressing this challenge are designed to help older people do more and get more out of life, as well as innovations that help care-givers do their job better. Innovators who met these challenges receive additional support from P&G.

IBM & Pfizer Challenge – Novel Solutions for Improving Medication Adherence: To improve the accuracy and reliability of clinical trials and post-clinical studies, it is important that patients remember to take their medicine in the prescribed amount at the prescribed times. Innovators who addressed these challenges received additional support from IBM & Pfizer.

Pfizer Challenge – New Solutions to Facilitate Chronic Disease Management: In order to address the epidemic of chronic disease that Europe is seeing as its population ages, innovators were challenged to develop new solutions that can assist with managing these diseases by improving co-ordinated care, reducing fragmented care and reducing the risk of clinical or medication errors. Winners who meet this challenge will receive additional support from Pfizer.

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