Posted on 12/07/2016
From 06/08/2016

Brazilica Film Festival: 'Only When I Dance' screening

Brazilica is the UK’s only Brazilian Festival & Samba Carnival taking place annually in July in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre and is now in it’s 9th edition and growing every year.

Brazilica Film Festival 2016 features films and documentaries in locations throughout Liverpool from 9th July to 6th August
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‘Only When I Dance’ to be screened on Saturday 6th August, 4pm at Unit 51
2009 | Documentary | PG| 78 min | Dir. beadie finzi
Language: Portuguese with English sub-titles
Price: free

‘Only when I Dance’ follows two teenagers from rough, working-class brazilian neighborhoods who aspire to the heights of ballet. Yet, ironically, the aesthetic power of Beadie Finzi’s lensing and the unquestioned support of the kids’ families is such that the impoverished, violence-ridden favelas of Rio serve merely as colorful backdrops to the dancers’ training. Pic’s real tension lies, rather, in the international competitions that can make or break careers. This finely crafted film’s vision of economic determinism constitutes a welcome contribution to the current bumper crop of docus en pointe and could follow their lead into arthouses.