Baltic Creative CIC

Baltic Creative CIC was established in 2009 to provide creative space that meets the varied needs of the creative and digital sector and is playing a major part in the regeneration of the Baltic Triangle.

The unique Creative Campus, shop front studios, multifunctional warehouses, workshops and managed workspaces are all designed not only to support creativity, innovation and commercial success but also be flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of the sectors.

Our USP's not only include our creative space, but also our flexible approach to our contractual relationships with businesses and our management style. Our CIC status ensures all surpluses are reinvested into supporting our businesses, investing in our buildings and investing in the sector generally. Baltic Creative CIC owns and manages all of its buildings so oversees this reinvestment. The scheme has already achieved recognition as a model of best practice for successful growth and collaboration.

Other key creative happenings in this area include Elevator Studios, Camp and Furnace and the North Liverpool Academy Studio School and Life Sciences UTC. Collectively these represent an exciting, vibrant and expanding creative and digital cluster.

Here is a note of our key objectives:
  • To promote economic growth through increased business sales, new jobs and new business ventures
  • To promote a sustainable and environmentally responsible cluster
  • To help the businesses to project a high quality image and reputation to the customers
  • To work with stakeholders to develop the Baltic Triangle area as a national and ultimately international centre for the digital and creative sectors
  • To manage and develop workspace premises with broad appeal to formative and existing digital and creative businesses
  • To ensure the operations of the Company and related activities in support of the digital and creative sectors are financed fully through rental and other income
  • To foster networks, collaborations and clustering activities between and amongst the digital and creative sectors
  • To ensure the provision of business development support to the organisations within the development

The Management Centre

The management suite is based in the Creative Campus at 49 Jamaica Street, at the centre of the scheme. Support is available in tandem with studio accommodation to help new creative businesses to establish and develop themselves and to promote networks for collaboration. Baltic Creative is also supported and guided by a board of experienced people. Their role is to advise on strategic and operational issues and to help embed the project into the wider regeneration plans for the area, city and region.