Baltic Creative CIC with it's funding partners NWDA and ERDF, are committed to providing the very best Creative and Digital Space for both our existing and new tenants. We aim to provide the environment for both new and established businesses to grow in their respective Creative and Digital Sectors. The space we provide is both affordable and flexible and meets the needs of the ever changing sectors in which we operate. We are operating in an incredibly exciting part of the city and the interest in our scheme has been amazing!

Phase 1 - Pilot Phase

The Pilot Phase saw approx. 10,000 sq/ft of Light Industrial Space refurbished to provide great Managed Work Space, split level mezzanine space and bigger creative space. The range of space provided in the Pilot Phase has attracted interest from a wide variety of Creative's. We have been able to secure deals with Publishers, Events managers, Tour Operators, Printers, Training Organisations, etc. The interest and take up has helped shape the Catalyst Phase.

Phase 2 - Catalyst Phase

The Catalyst Phase due on site in June 2011 will see the remaining 40,000 sq/ft of space refurbished. With many units occupied we will carry out a variety of light touch shell and core works but in the vacated space, mainly in units 43-53 Jordan Street, we will introduce a variety of incredibly creative interventions. We are exploring providing Cafe, Studio, Gallery, Shed Studio, Duplex, Shop Front Studios, House and Garden type accommodations, etc. All providing an environment that is both Creative, stimulating and supports our business to business agenda. Providing space that allows businesses to work closely, to share ideas and talent is an extremely exciting opportunity Baltic Creative wishes to support.

The space will be safe, secure, green and fun. Simply a great place to work!